Pastor Marty Troyer

Marty Troyer has been the pastor of Houston Mennonite Church since November 2008.2016-images-in-one-600x404

Marty loves his job and feels this is the perfect fit for him and his family. Marty is married and has three kids as amazing as your three kids, or any three kids you can think of. He’s pretty sure there isn’t anything better in life than parenting with his best friend in the whole world! Together they love to explore Houston (they’re partial to the kids’ museum and the zoo), the amazing restaurant scene, go “hiking” (if you can call nature walks in Texas “hiking”), and play Candy Land. They also love their dog Chubs.

Marty loves to read, and enjoys writing as well (you can check out some of his writing on this webpage, or at his Houston Chronicle Belief blog, called “The Peace Pastor” where he writes regularly). His first book, The Gospel Next Door, was published in June 2016.

Prior to ministering in Houston, Marty was a youth pastor for 9 years in Kansas and Oregon. He earned an Associate’s degree from Hesston College, a Bachelor’s degree from Wheaton College, and his Master’s degree from Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminary. He loves preaching, encouraging people to become what they were created to be, and dreaming about what Houston could look like if we truly worked to make God’s “kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven.”

Marty loves people and would be honored to meet you and your family!


13 Responses to “Our Pastor”

  1. Marty Says:

    Test drive.

  2. cuz tony Says:

    hey dude…congrats on the safe arrival of your little one….totally awesome and thankful for you.
    doing well in “ohio/amish country”….gorgeous here right now w/autumn in all its glory…
    busy “as you know what” in the newspaper biz…just celebrated my 30th here at GPI…i tell people if was “2” when i started here…LOL.
    be well…and hope to see you soon.

  3. Steve Says:

    About 2 weeks ago I began to warn the churches of Austin, Corpus Christi, Dallas, San Antonio and some in Houston, namely the mega churches.
    I wrote to the churches urging them to give and save and prepare for times of disaster. I warned them it’s too late to prepare when you’re in despair.

    The reason for this is because people matter more than our things. We are a selfish country and instead of selling our homes like in the book of Acts for many of us they will be taken from us anyway. In my times of disaster the churches utterly failed to be there for me and still do. I don’t look to you for trouble. I will now continue to urge you all to sell your things. Look at gas. 2 weeks ago because I believe our Lord agrees with me, the message went out. Then the NBC nightly news this past Sunday showed our 36 supply of the federal oil reserve is on the cost near Hoston and in Louisianna. People matter most. And if a hurricane hits Corpus or Houston or Louisianna and hits the oil refineries, what do you think will happen to gas then? Last time in 2008 it contributed to our economic stock crash. The last time gas was this high was Katrina. We have the middle east. That in turn will drive up all costs and if people need to evacuate, you know some wont’ afford the gas. I know I’m just like you. I sowed the seeds of greed too and I reaped the grapes of wrath. I used to think giving was about paying light bills. Now I see it more like Joseph in Egypt storing up so there will be bread and meat in the house of God for disasters. Put people first. And God forgive our stupidity and greed and correct our generation.

  4. Sun Ju Moon Says:

    Hello, Marty.
    I am Sun Ju Moon from Korea. You and I studied together at AMBS in 2007.
    I am hoping that you could remember me.
    This year I am supposed to graduate from AMBS and planning to move down to Houston.
    I will participate on one of Korean churches’ ministry there.
    I tried to find Mennonite church in Houston. I realize that you are there. I am very happy to see the Mennonite church there.
    And I am hoping to see you someday in Houston.


  5. Mary Jaco Says:

    Mary Jaco attended the Second Annual Jazz Concert Benefitting The Houston Committee for Youth and NonMilitary Opportunities, Inc.
    I would like to thank your Peace Pastor ( I love this title) for hosting this wonderful event, and for all your work and your blog to help our youth make an educated decision about their future.
    May God continue to Bless wonderful Rev. Marty Troyer and the Houston Mennonite Church. Amituofo, mj

  6. Garant Bishop Says:

    Dear pastor Marty,
    It’s very glad to rwite to you today. I’m Canadian I’m living here in Montreal Quebec Canada with my family. I’m Mennonite pastor since 1990 in Africa. Therefore, my suggestion to you is can you accept to come to see you please?; because I’m very interested with you and your church, so that I wanna make appointment to come to see you mybe you can help us to find the way where God love to do in the future. I hope to here from you soon, may God bless you and all of you. Our greeting to Houston Mennonite Church in Jesus name.

    Pastor B.S.Garant
    Montreal Qc Canada.

  7. Clifford Says:

    Dear Pastor Marty,
    Warmest greetings to you from Myanmar in the precious name of our risen Lord and Jesus Christ. Think that things are well with you for Him. I am so happy to visit your web and really God has done great thing through your church.
    Anyhow, let me introduce about our ministry briefly. Shalom Christian Ministry is engaged in church planting, evangelism, education, childcare/orphanage programs, literature production and distribution among the believers and unbelievers alike within Myanmar. Our purpose is to reach the un-reach people of any tribal groups in Myanmar, and lead the unbelievers to Christ by giving tracts, booklets and bible, teaching the Bible through personal, small group and conference ministries and translating and printing of Christian Literature. We are committed to making this a proactive part of the effort to reach people for Christ and plant new churches.
    So, if it is Lord’s will, I want you to visit to Myanmar for His Kingdom. Anyhow think that you may already learn about Myanmar. Hope that God will touch your hearts for Him.
    Think that you may understand what I mean for Him. If you have any questions, please feel free to me. Looking forward to hear good news from you. God bless you.
    In His Services,
    P O Box 938

  8. Marjorie Nofziger Says:

    Dear Marty & Hannah,

    I read your Chocolate Covered Jesus last night and then the article from AMBS Window and decided to contact you. I’ve read other article by you before and then just prayed for your ministry. May God bless you Mightily. I am so glad for the times we did get to spend in conversation years ago when you were our Youth Pastor. And wish conversation times were possible again. Alas my traveling days are over. Two years ago I was hospitalized and diagnosed with congestive heart failure. No more driving my car, no more work and no more living alone. God has been so good to me and I have a wonderful care giver who gives me 21 hours of work each week and takes me where I need to go. I give her a stipend and room and board. She moved up here from Fresno for the job and to be closer to her 2 daughters. I’m not sure but I think Al was gone when you were here. He died in 1999. Gordon Horst died about 2 years ago and Goldie lives at Quail Run, assited living, and I don’t get to see her that often.

    Oh, I must tell you we have a youth, & Associate Pastor, Matt Shedden, who became a convinced Mennonite from searching. He preaches about once a month and seems to be in charge of planning the worship. His wife generally has children’s time when ever he preaches. She found a job teaching in a school. Kelli & Matt and I are good friends and we are blessed to have them. I really enjoy his messages.

    Life becomes more lonely in the 80’s, I’m not lonesome but a loss of friends etc.. I’m now 88 and keep losing relatives and friends constantly. I do work at making new friendships but it takes time. You woiuld know few of our folks at church anymore, in fact I can’t keep up. Our attendance averages 150 and I can still attend worship but Goldie seldom comes and Clara Miller lives out of the area. I’m still involved with my family. We haven’t had a family gathering for the past two years since my one daughter-in-law is not on speaking terms with my daughter & family. This gives me sadness but seems as all I can do is pray in order to keep my friendship alive.

    I do all my bookwork, Taxes are due, Genealogy and would like to get rid of lots of books and clean up my office. I’m much slower and don’t have good balance due to my diseases. I’m the eldest of seven and a third sibling died less than a month ago and another one is real sick.

    I now have 5 gr. grandchildren, ages 9 years to two weeks. Two live in Chicago and I haven’t seen the 1 yr. old yet. My daughter Karen, the childs grandma has Alzheizer’s and is in a care facility, unaware of it. That’s also sad but I don’t dwell on sadness when Life has so much more to offer.

    I praise the Lord for the work you are doing, may God continue to lead you by His Spirit and give you wisdom and strength. May God bless your family

    Love, Marjorie N

  9. Grammar dude Says:

    for him instead of for he

  10. […] post written by Marty Troyer, Pastor of Houston Mennonite Church: The Church of the Sermon on the Mount, makes a compelling argument for Christian non-violence.  He also gives some great suggestions for […]

  11. Myrtis Says:

    No matter how much you intend to remain in touch with nature by investing time outside,
    it could be challenging and uneasy to take a seat on the floor or rocks to get a long time.
    Attempt to select dinners which are speedy to make, or something which everyone could dirt in to help make – this way you will most be happy people.

  12. David Alleman Says:

    tried to respond to your peace pastor blog. kept getting a “enter a valid email address” error message.
    David Alleman

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