HMC E-Newsletter November 7, 2012  

Relief Sale!!!

  1. 1.       INVITE PEOPLE:
  1. Bake your heart out!!
  2. Partner with MCC through your purchases: Buy your breakfast, lunch, Christmas gifts, etc… Consider what your household can support financially and give accordingly.
  3. Set-up Friday mid-afternoon until we’re done. Tear down and clean up Saturday around 3:30.
  4. Parking: Please remember to NOT park in the main parking lot. Space for FOR HMCers is reserved in the School of the Woods parking lot to the south.
  5. Children’s sessions: 1 in the morning, and 1 in the afternoon.
  6. Bring:  Bring your crafts, your baked goods, your wood work, your pennies for penny power, your used books for the sale, your neighbor and your boss’s best friend.
  7. Pray!!! Imagine God surrounding the Sale, everyone getting what they need (MCC, us, our buyers and visitors).
  8. HMC’s Front porch. This is our #1 event that gets us rubbing shoulders with our Houston community and sharing in word and deed our faith. This year we’ll be providing Bookmarks with all purchases that say, “What’s a Mennonite” and provides links to our church and ministries.
  9. Host??? Not to late to host some MCCers coming down from Kansas). Let Roxie know ASAP.


Blessing Projects: Where our Relief  Sale Proceeds will go

Zambia – Wells and dams
In the semi-arid Tonga region of southern Zambia, residents are challenged by increasing droughts and ever-longer dry seasons.  Water levels in wells and riverbeds are declining, and many women and girls must walk several miles each day to find water, taking time and energy away from family, work and schooling. MCC is working with households and villages to increase the availability of safe nearby drinking water, clean bathing water and water for animals, gardens and sanitation. A local water development worker has been hired to coordinate the work — which includes drilling wells; improving hand-dug wells; rehabilitating old, unused boreholes; constructing cement dams and sand dams; and repairing or building earthen dams. Technicians are receiving training and tools for borehole repair. The coordinator is also administering a small loan fund to provide capital for farmers to purchase irrigation equipment and for families to build latrines. $500 pays to rehabilitate one well.  We will accept bids in multiples of $500.

MCC responds to the plight of Syrian people
Almost 1.5 million Syrians are now seeking a safe place to live within their own country, displaced by conflict that has moved from city to city. Four hundred thousand have fled the country altogether – many with only a suitcase and the clothes on their backs.

Communities are struggling to keep up with the surge in arrivals. In one Syrian town, a population of 35,000 has opened its doors to 90,000 newcomers.  “People are being generous to their new neighbors, says Sara Adams, MCC worker in Syria and Lebanon.  “They don’t call them displaced or refugees. They call them guests.”

In recent months, MCC has sent four shipping containers of blankets, relief kits, hygiene kits, school kits and infant care kits to Jordan and two to Lebanon. In Jordan, MCC and partner organization Caritas Jordan are providing milk and diapers to 250 Syrian families.  MCC is also partnering with churches in Syria to provide food, medicine, fuel and cash for families affected by the conflict. We will accept bids in multiples of $250.


Indonesia – Picking up fruit for peace
In Indonesia, MCC is supporting a program that employs people to gather spoiled fruit discarded from neighborhood markets and recycle it into ethanol cooking fuel.  The organizers purposely create teams that include a mixture of Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus and Confucianists.  “The transformation goes far beyond the rotten fruit,” says one participant, describing the relationships, trust and respect that are created.  Your gift supports this grassroots effort to bring peace, justice and harmony to communities. $150 covers the cost of training for one participant.  We will accept bids in multiples of $150.

Generations at Risk – Living with HIV
More than 33 million people worldwide, including mothers, fathers and children, are infected by AIDS and the HIV virus.  MCC is working in dozens of countries through education and prevention programs targeting young people, providing health care for people living with HIV/AIDS, support for orphans, and job skills training for families who have lost an income earner. $75 supports a home health caregiver in Guatemala for a week.  We will accept bids in multiples of $75.


Food For All—Food Aid Where Needed Most
Drought, cyclones, earthquakes, floods and rising food costs around the world.  Millions of the world’s poorest people don’t have enough to eat and the numbers are growing. Your gift will enable MCC to respond quickly to requests for food where needed most.   We will accept bids in multiples of $25.

Connecting More Fully at HMC:          

Texas Mennonite Sale and Auction for World Relief: This Saturday!!! 9AM-3:30PM.
NEW SMALL GROUP: A small group will be starting on Sunday, Nov. 11 after church. Bring a favorite book that has influenced you and be prepared to share about it with others. It will include lunch, so bring a dish for potluck. All ages are invited to participate. Contact Doug Mast or Judy Hoffhien for additional information.
COLD WEATHER ITEMS NEEDED: Marty’s sermon last Sunday really spoke to me. How we treat the “least of these” is a reflection of our faith. Since the weather has turned colder, there is a huge need for winter coats, blankets, jackets, sweaters, and other clothing to keep folks warm. It is hard enough to be homeless in normal Houston weather, but brutal when it is raining or the temperatures fall. So, clean out the closets and donate what is not being used in your home and start the holiday season by sharing. All sizes of both men and women’s clothing are needed and will be greatly appreciated.
ART SUPPLIES NEEDED: The Peace Club will be helping the children with crafts at the daycare center during the Relief Sale. One project will be making turkeys using pinecones, feathers, bobble eyes, etc. If you have any extra of these items, please bring them on Nov. 10 to supplement what is available. If anyone over 12 would like to volunteer, we can use the energy and help. Just stop by and join in the activity.
Are you on Facebook? We are! “Like” Houston Mennonite Church, The Texas Mennonite Sale and Auction, and/or The Peace Pastor today! Thenclick “share” so that all your followers know about it too!
Mennonite Central Committee Penny Power: Please bring your change to church for Penny Power. Proceeds this year go to relief and development work in Mexico through Mennonite Central Committee.
Thanksgiving Meal: Thanksgiving Thursday, 3PM at HMC.
Christmas Banquet: Sunday night December 16 at HMC.
Jesus’ Voters Guide: Election 2012: A tighter, sharper version of what I preached on Sunday. You’ll recognize the sermon in this, but it’s also different.


And now, the work of the church goes on
Here’s a blog post you can FB, or email: Written to get folks to come!

Last night we learned a little bit about who we are. We are Republicans and we are Democrats and non-voters, disgruntled, happy, ambivalent, and disagreeing on the right course for our future. We clearly seem to agree we all want what’s best for our country, but defining what’s “best” and how to get there we’re world’s apart.

But the government and the church are two very different things. As my cousin said to me, “the work of the church goes on!” Indeed it does. No matter what happened last night, it’s time to work for the common good, and to do so by catalyzing all our faith resources as God has first done. As followers of Jesus  we believe God is creating a beautiful new world in the midst of the old. No vote swayed one way or another can derail or complete the reality that “the kingdom of God is here, change your ways and believe.”

As followers of Jesus we believe God’s love for the world is changing systems and individuals to reflect God’s good intentions for everyone. We feel Jesus calling us to service to others, in helping to ensure that all people everywhere can enjoy the abundant life that God intends for them, and in making peace—even in difficult situations.

One way I’ve seen this recently is by watching a bidder and baker, both giddy with delight at participating in God’s mission in our world.

The baker’s loaf of bread had just sold as the opening item of a fundraiser for Mennonite Central Committee for $3,750. Or by watching Jane organize a PepperNut Party to bake literally hundreds of thousands of little bite-sized cookies (Peppernuts). Or Ed, whose hand crafted wood pieces are a delight just to see. Or Roxie, who is genuinely delighted each and every time he sees a new quilt for the first time, sent with love from someone he may or may not know who has handstitched a work of art and faith.

Stories like this bread (worth every penny) sale have become commonplace at Houston’s Texas Mennonite Relief Sale. This is how we as the church pursue God’s kingdom coming on earth as it is in heaven.


Read more, or copy and past this link into your FB, twitter, or email to send it to your friends:

Classified Ads

 Office Ministry Do you have organizational gifts you could share that would benefit the ministry of our church? We’re looking for a volunteer in the church office 2-5 hours a week to help with all or some of the following: bulletin printing, phone and mail, distributing resources, and helping pastor Marty in the office.

Contact Gloria W. or pastor Marty.

Facilities and Yard Help: Do you do projects around your house or hire others to do work at your house?  Do you like being outside and working in the yard?  Do you enjoy seeing well maintained church grounds?  We are looking for someone like you to help as they can with maintenance, repairs, and yard care. If you have skills and time to help, please let us know! This

Contact Gerald G.

Worship Order for November 11, 2012 SONG FEST and Baptisms!!!


Opening Scripture       HWB # 681
Opening Prayer
Songs of Praise and Celebration
Scripture Psalm 119:105-112


Relief Sale Report
Baptism of Two Young People

Song of Response       411 I bind my heart this tide
*Sharing & Prayer
*Offering and Offertory
Congregation Song Choosing

Sending Prayer
Song of Sending         118 Praise God

Pastoral Care: Do you want a person to talk with about something in your life? Got a question or insight into faith or scripture you want to kick around? Have you been sitting on a great idea for the church? Need prayer? Want to get to know your pastor better? As your pastor, I’m available to meet with you at the office or at a time and spot that works better for you. Just let me know when and where! Monday’s through Thursdays, and weekends by appointment. Marty Troyer, church office (713)464-4865,, also available on Facebook.


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