Dear HMC, Here is this week’s E-Newsletter below and attached.
HMC E-Newsletter June 3, 2010
“My soul is filled with joy as I sing to God my savior: you have looked upon your servant, you have visited your people!” #13, Sing the Journey songbook.
Connecting More Fully at HMC:
► Doug Ensminger will be sharing his faith story with us this Sunday morning, 10:45AM.
► Intergenerational Sunday School June 6th: on Columbia & the Falla’s.
►Retirement Party: Doug Ensminger, Sunday June 6th 2-4PM.
►Campus Development Feedback Session: June 13th after worship.
►Lunches for the homeless: Sack lunches for the homeless are available in the back. Please take several, keep them handy in your car and when people ask for help or money, hand them a lunch out your car window! A twist on the classic “meals on wheels.”

THE CAMPAIGN FOR JONATHAN MARCUS GREEN CONTINUES — Eleven people stopped by Sunday May 30th to sign letters recommending clemency for Jonathan Marcus Green. The Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles will shortly consider an application for clemency for his June 30 scheduled execution. Letters sent this week may still help save the life of Mr. Green. Learn more about the cause of Jonathan Marcus Green at:
To send emails endorsing clemency, go to:
Have you ever visited a Peace Library and been inspired by the books there? If so, we need your ideas and help. The Houston Peace and Justice Center and the Mennonite Church are co-operating together to organize resources with the focus on learning about bullying, resolving conflicts, compassionate communication and other areas of peace and justice. Books, DVD’s, biographies, atlases, maps and other materials for all ages are needed to start this project. The library will be located at the church. If you would like to be involved in this project, contact Marty Troyer or Judy Hoffhien.

Have you been yearning to grow your own fresh fruits and vegetables? The Houston Peace and Justice Center and the church are joining together to start a community garden on the HMC campus. Skills in urban gardening will be taught and co-operation will be the key to a successful harvest. If you are interested in participating in this project, please contact Paastor Marty or Judy Hoffhien.
________________________________________Amanda and Gamaliel Falla have been pastors for 40 years. They first began working in Barranquilla, Colombia, in 2002 with the goals of supporting emerging church groups, beginning new churches, and developing the Caribbean Coast region of the Colombia Mennonite Church.

At the national assembly of the Colombia Mennonite Church (IMCOL) in March 2010, the Caribbean Coast region was formally received as the fourth region of IMCOL.
The region has met the requirements: four churches with a minimum of 25 members, regular places to meet, 75 percent financial stability, at least two years of history, and plans for their development. Plus, there are two other church plants in process and a Bible study group that meets regularly!
In addition to their work in leadership training and support for the new pastors and congregations, Gamaliel and Amanda are serving in the Colombia Mennonite Church as pastors of pastors, which involves travel to other regions.

Amanda and Gamaliel wrote: “During the past 10 months, we visited most of the pastors of the Mennonite churches in Colombia, and were able to listen, share experiences, encourage and stimulate them in their perseverance in serving in the call that the Lord has made for us.”

Come learn more at 9:30AM this Sunday during Intergenerational Sunday!!!________________________________________Come to worship this Sunday and celebrate:
GOD’s STORY-my story!!!
If you have not received a GOD’S STORY-my story journal, please pick one up this Sunday. Here is this week’s journal entry:
Week 1: My story Today:
To me today, my faith feels:
My faith is healthy today in these ways:
My faith is unhealthy to me today in these ways:
Several areas of personal improvement I need to work on are:
My prayer life is:
The things in life I am most committed to today are:
I am open to God in the following ways:
I am hesitate before God in the following ways:
I see God around me in the following ways:
Read Psalm 1 and journal about where you see yourself in this text.

“Spiritual theology, using Scripture as text, does not so much present us with a moral code and tell
us, “Live up to this,” nor does it set out a system of doctrine and say, “Think like this.” The biblical
way is to tell a story and invite us, “Live into this – this is what it looks like to be human in this
God-made and God-ruled world; this is what is involved in becoming and maturing as a human
being.” We don’t have to fit into prefabricated moral and mental or religious boxes before we are
admitted into the company of God. We are taken seriously just as we are and given place in his
story – for it is, after all, God’s story. None of us is the leading character in the story of our lives.
God is the larger context and plot in which all our stories find themselves.”

To read the rest of this article, called Living into God’s story, written by Eugene Peterson, please see:’s%20Story.pdf
God’s Story continues in…
Leo and Iris Hartshorne
The story of God is both an ancient and modern story. Eve, Abraham, Sarah, Esther, Jesus and Mary all play a roll in the story of God’s presence in our world. Equally so are the stories of modern “saints” such as Leo and Iris Hartshorne, former pastors of Houston Mennonite Church.
Iris continues living in the story of God as Executive Conference Minister of the Pacific Northwest Mennonite Conference. You can learn more about her ministry at:
Leo continues living in the story of God through writing, art, and his drumming ministry. You can follow his excellent blog at One marvelous way that Leo continues to express his faithfulness is through a series of drawings that illustrate artists (Pete Seeger, Joan Baez, Carlos Santana, John Lennon, Michael Jackson, etc…) and leaders (Archbishop Desmund Tutu, Oscar Romero, Ayn San Sun Kyi, Hele Prejean, etc…) who are or did work for social change. The artistry is stunning, and the learning runs deep. Check out his Artisans for Social Change by surfing his webpage at: You can see one example of Leo’s incredible artwork, Cross Stitch Christ, hanging in our sanctuary.
These incredible people continue to inspire us to see ourselves as part of God’s larger ongoing presence in the world.
Who do you see God’s story continuing in today? Bring a photo or picture of them to worship on Sunday and add them to our Faces of God’s People mosaic we are creating at the front of the sanctuary!
Hello Summer Fun Pack for kids
Hola. Bonjou. Marhaba. Say hello to the world this summer by exploring the MCC Hello Summer Fun Pack, MCC invites children and parents to learn about water, food and peace through downloadable stories, activities and challenges to complete at your own pace, as well as additional material, encouragement and updates.
Too busy? Out of town? E-mail to subscribe to the print edition of MCC’s free quarterly children’s flier beginning in July or October. Each issue of Hello, MCC’s printed children’s flier, introduces young people to a different country.
Doug and I are going to have an open house retirement celebration on June 6th from 2-4 pm. We would like to make an open invitation to HMC. No gifts please! Only prayers and blessings accepted!

Campus Development Feedback Session
Our Developers are hard at work!
June 13th the Campus Development Taskforce invites you to a presentation and discussion regarding future campus development plans. A meal after worship will be provided.
Our recent discussions have begun to move from remodel of the Annex to remodel of the main building. We’ve looked at several proposals for renovation and new construction, discussed parking issues, a more holistic campus plan (including community gardens, peace path, children’s playground, etc…). Minutes are posted from May 16th.

We want your ideas, insights, wisdom and experience as we take the next steps to develop our campus.
________________________________________Order of Worship Sunday, June 3rd 2010
Welcome & Announcements
* Gathering Psalm: Psalm 8
* Opening Prayer
* Opening Songs
Halle, Halle, hallelujah SJ #17
Tu has venido a la orilla HWB #229 (1-Sp, 2,3.4 English)
Scripture Reading Jeremiah 1:1-10
Children’s Time Ancient Story of a Person of God (Children 1-5 dismissed for Children’s Church)
Offering Prayer
Scripture Reading Ephesians 4:14-16,5:10-20
Song of Response Come walk with us (vs 1-2) SJ #2
Prayer of Response and Reception
Sharing stories, joys and concerns
Prayer for the People (Feel free to light a candle-prayer during this time)
* Blessing Song Come ye saints HWB # 425
* Blessing
________________________________________Pastoral Care
Do you want a person to talk with about something in your life? Got a question or insight into faith or scripture you want to kick around? Have you been sitting on a great idea for the church? Need prayer? Want to get to know your pastor better?
As your pastor, I’m available to meet with you at the office or at a time and spot that works better for you. Just let me know when and where! Monday’s through Thursdays, and weekends by appointment. Marty Troyer, church office (713)464-4865,, also available on facebook.
Additional Information
HMC E-Newsletter is compiled by Houston Mennonite Church pastor Marty Troyer.
All are invited and encouraged to share articles, personal updates, stories, announcements, pictures, etc… to include in the weekly updates!
Know of others who would like to receive HMC E-Newsletter e-mails from Houston Mennonite? Have them send name and e-mail to Marty at

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