What can you expect if you decide to visit us on a Sunday morning?

We’re a vibrant, friendly, small congregation that loves being together. So you’ll probably walk in on us chatting and enjoying each other’s company, sipping coffee and listening to music.
You’ll likely be greeted warmly by several members (including greeters, our pastor, regular folks). We’ll hand you a bulletin, and invite you to grab a warm cup of coffee and to make yourself at home, then lead you to our sanctuary.

Our sanctuary is arranged in the “round,” reflecting our strong theology of community and allowing us to see one another face to face. We also find it meaningful to have Christ at our center represented by altar, Bible, and candle. Gathering around Christ reflects our Anabaptist theology of seeing Christ as our cornerstone.

Our worship is engaging, and filled with a variety of singing styles, scripture reading, conversational call-to-worship, an open sharing & prayer time, and a sermon usually shared by our pastor, Marty Troyer (though often written in community, check out our HMC Discussion Blog). We believe that our worship is what shapes us into the image of Chirst, and forms us to be faithful disciples in our lives once we leave. We also feel that we’re made stronger when guests join us for worship. So feel free to join in at whatever level  you are comfortable. Here’s a sample bulletin to taste what we’re all about.

Our building is simple, reflecting our hope to find goodness in the little things of life. You won’t find anything fancy or shiny inside our sanctuary. Just a group of people thankful to be on The Journey with each other.

You are welcome to join us. Come as you are! See you Sunday at 10:45.

One Response to “What to expect if you visit”

  1. Brenda Ferreira Says:

    Very interested in visiting your church……I was baptisted in the Disciples of Christ church… 20 years ago in San Antonio……. I’ve been in Houston for year and a half now……I want to find a church family and I just don’t feel comfortable in the huge churches…….I want to feel that closeness with my brothers and sisters in Christ !
    I won’t be able to attend this Sunday as I am working, but I do plan on being there on the 16th…….thank you for your time.

    Brenda Ferreira

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