“Prayer is thinking deeply about something in the presence of God.” (Wayne Cordeiro)

Where do you think deeply ? What spaces in your life do you have enriched conversation filled with honesty, probing, curiosity, and dialogue that stretches you? Where are you permitted to ask the hard questions?

For many at HMC, Sunday School is that space where organic deep thinking happens in God’s presence. The traditional phrase “Sunday School” conjures the wrong image of what happens at 9:30am each Sunday. Perhaps faith formation, dialogue, or multi-logue is more appropriate. I think on our church voicemail I said “faith-forming dialogue.” 

“Deep thinking in God’s presence” doesn’t fit the mental model many of us have about Christian education; which is why I like to speak more about formation than information. But perhaps formation is even a bit scary.

  1. We might be afraid of revealing our own ignorance about our own faith, the Bible, or ethics.
  2. Perhaps we’re uncomfortable with new answers to tough questions.
  3. We go to church to receive information, not formation.
  4. Or maybe we’re just stuck in our spiritual lives.
I invite you to pay attention to where you have enriched conversation without veneer or fear, to peel back the comfort of inherited standard answers and jump right in! Be curious. Follow the truth wherever it leads. And think deeply in God’s presence.

Along with our Sunday School (which is now studying The Jesus I Never Knew, a book that was life-enriching for me) FaithWalking is also a world-class, Houston-born, cutting edge journey of personal growth and formation. It is without a doubt the safest and most transformational space I’ve participated in to “think deeply in the presence of God.” Sign up today for the first step in the FaithWalking journey – a weekend retreat (called FW101.Click here to register for a FREE retreat Feb 27, March 6, April 17, May 15 or a google hangout version)

Whether with us or in the safety of a retreat, folks do this all the time as a way to Love God with everything we’ve got.

I hope you join us soon.