Today I wrote the following letter to Greg Abbott, inaugurated today (Jan 20, 2015) around noon.

Dear Governor Abbott,

Congratulations on your inauguration as Texas’ Governor today! I too claim to be a follower of Christ and to work for the common good of all Texans.Gov. Greg Abbott, right, bows his head during the benediction as his wife Cecilia Abbott holds the family Bible used in the Inauguration Ceremony of Texas Governor in Austin, Texas.  Tuesday, Jan. 20, 2015. Photo: Bob Owen, San Antonio Express-News / ©2015 San Antonio Express-News

As a fellow Christian I’m deeply saddened by your refusal to believe and live by your church’s pro-life stance. The sanctity of life is a beautiful foundation upon which stands staunch and near total support for the abolition of capital punishment. How is it you can support killing in the name of Texas?

In an interview with the San Antonio Express-News you said “there is no conflict” between your eager support for and your Church’s stance against the death penalty. I do not know whether your statement was out of ignorance or intent to mislead. But whether you were mistaken or chose to lie, one simply cannot promote the following words as truth as you did, “Catholic doctrine is not against the death penalty.”

Catholic social teaching as found in statements, catechism, and through the words of your popes clearly state that state-sponsored killing is far outside the will of God or the needs of the common good! In Texas, life sentences as an alternative to the death penalty are not only available, they are far more economically viable.

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