If someone were to ask you, “Are you interested in having a revived soul, wisdom to open your mind, a heart that rejoices, and spiritual clarity for your eyes?” what would you say?You’d probably jump at the chance to have a little more of that!

Well, unless it was in the form of a red pill from a street vendor.
But what if I told you these are all the natural fruits that grow out of engaging the scriptures? Which – if you’re prone to believe it – is exactly what the Bible says.
It’s definitely my desire to root HMC and my overall ministry in a love for the Bible!  Here are several previous posts about the Bible’s importance at HMC.
Given several inquiries of late, I wanted to share some suggestions for good Bible translations today. First off, there are a TON of great translations out today, and more coming all the time. You really can’t go wrong with any translation that you like or that looks and feels good to you. I hesitate to recommend the King James because it’s ancient sounding and lacks modern research, but beyond that, go for it.

At HMC we read from the New Revised Standard Version (NRSV) publicly, and I use it for study. This is GREAT for study but WEAK on poetry and imagination. It’s designed that way, to stay really close to the original but not really make your heart go pitter patter.

I love the New Living Translation (NLT); I used it exclusively when I was a youth minister, memorizing a ton of passages in NLT, and so I still find myself going back there regularly.
My top recommendation? The Voice.
It’s very current, and it is GREAT on the poetry/imagination/story front; it sounds amazing, and they have it outlined like a story script. So if Jesus is talking to Mary, they visually separate each of their speeches as “lines” in a play. It is also GREAT for study, with the best of today’s scholarship available. They ran the rough-draft scholarly translation through a whole line-up of artists (poets, musicians, filmmakers, authors, poets, visual artists, etc…) to come up with a no-longer-dorky-yet-faithful-to-the-original translation. I’m using this a ton these days in my own devotional reading and for fun. It just feels different and fresh, which, let’s be honest, is never a bad thing when you are reading stories from 3,000 years ago! Check it outhere.
Hope this helps! Remember, “The word of God, you see, is alive and moving” (Hebrews 4:12, The Voice).
Pastor Marty