Reading the Bible Jesus Taught this morning talks about the “glory of the Lord” and how it can be revealed. It struck me as i was praying this text how deeply I want this to be true. I want God’s glory to be revealed. I want people (all people) to experience wholeness and healing. I want people to hear that they are loved by God and to believe it. I want all this “for the glory of the Lord.” Or, as Psalm 23 says, “For his names sake.”

Yesterday, I had coffee with a fellow Faithwalker and we both shared our stories, how truncated our image and conception of God has been for various reasons. And how, when healing comes, our worlds are totally transformed by a larger more complete and absolutely stunning image of God. A God who is so much more than dreamed possible! 

This is the God whose glory I want revealed: fully, for everyone.

So, what does our text say it will take? Isaiah 40:3-5 (a text used in reference to Jesus and John) points to a just society where those on the bottom and fringes are lifted high and cared for. The uneven places in our world will be made level. 

The glory of God is revealed (ie, people see God’s genuine goodness) when the world looks and functions how God intends for it to look and function! 

When we who claim his name work for this image of the world made right, when we work towards the justice and kingdom of God: God is glorified.

The familiar song “they shall know we are Christians by our love” should then be modified to say, “They shall know God is God by our love.” “Not to us, O Lord, not to us, but to your name give the Glory” (Psalm 115, or 116, or 118)

May it be so in your life today.