I didn’t grow up practicing the church year. So Lent (and Advent, Pentecost, etc…) remains fresh in my life. After all, the idea of setting aside some time to prepare for a big event makes a lot of sense to me. I’m a husband, a dad, and a pastor (among other things!), each of which requires extra time to prep for special occassions. That’s a little like Lent for me. Setting aside extra time to prepare for the greatest of Christian celebrations: the resurrection of Jesus.

However, for me, setting aside extra time for Lent is much more meaningful when I am able to do it with others. So, I’m wondering if you would find studying Scripture together for Lent as meaningful as I would. Perhaps so. Each week, a group of us will gather together at my home in Spring Branch to discuss the following Sunday’s scripture texts. Likewise, I will post for on-line discussion questions that you can interact with here. Feel free to respond to my questions, or ask your own, about Sunday’s text. Or perhaps how your own Lenten journey is going.

Scripture for Sunday March 1, 2009 is Mark 1:9-15. Some of my own questions about this text include:

  • What had Jesus done at this point in his story that God was “pleased” with him (See vs 11)?
  • How did words & phrases like: good news, Christ, Son of God, and kingdom sound to the original audience? What did they mean and how did they function?
  • Why does Mark reference Isaiah 64 at the baptism of Jesus (see the heavens torn apart in Mark 1:10 and Is 64:1), and what does that mean? Is he saying that what was fortold in Isaiah is true in Jesus? If so, what does Isaiah say?
  • What about Jesus is lovely to you (See vs 11)?

We’ll meet for the first time at my house on March 3 and study the texts for Sunday March 8th.