A Gospel-Formed Community, Value 6 of 6:
Celebrating our Desire to Grow

In June of 2008 Houston Mennonite Church made a decision that will continue to shape our identity for years to come. After exploring our future together, we decided to remain at 1231 Wirt Road rather than to relocate.

Here is a statement  included in the Transformation Document that I invite you to interact with, along with the questions below. Our current location provides a central meeting place for our members, provides opportunities for ministry to all social classes and gives us land for growth.

The Two Primary Questions are:

  • How does/will/can/should our decision to stay where we are shape our mission & vision?

  • And how does/will/can/should our mission and vision shape what we do with the property?

Derivative Questions include:


  • What meaningful memories do you have of connection with God or others in our current building?
  • Does our facility reflect our values? If so, how? If not, what changes do we need to make?
  • How does and how can our worship space enhance our life together and shape us? How has our new seating arrangement shaped us?
  • How is and how can our Sunday School space meet our needs?
  • Does our childcare space convey welcome and care?
  • Do our facilities (outside, inside, parking, etc…) convey a spirit of welcome to our community?
  • Are we connecting with the community in which we are located?
  • What ideas for development would connect our 4 acre grounds to our sense of mission and identity based in our core values? In other words, how can we connect our assets to our values?
  • Do you think that architexture “speaks”? If so, what is ours saying?

Our scriptures for this Sunday are: Psalm 84 and 122, Joshua 4:1-4, Jeremiah 29:1-9.

I’ve heard it said before that “we shape our buildings, and from then on our buildings shape us.” If that’s true, dialogue about facilities is more than just functional, but also a theological issue as well. Please jump in on this discussin at whatever level you feel comfortable!