A Gospel-Formed Community, Value 5 of 6:
Celebrating our Desire to Grow

“We desire to grow.” This is the 5th value that we highlighted in June of 2008 as having the power to shape our identity in positive ways. Anyone who wants is invited to add your thoughts to our discussion. Dialogue is a powerful tool to make ideas reality, and to turn values in to practices. Here are some initial questions I’d invite you to marinate in this week.

  • Why do we want to grow? Is this value driven by evangelistic fervor, desires for financial sustainability, greater strength through greater diversity, respect?
  • What assets do we already have? Our small size, personel, skills, gifts, practices, power, facility, webpage, church sign, etc…? Name out our gifts.  
  • If you were advertizing HMC in the Houston Chronicle and had only 5 words to describe us, what 5 words would you choose?
  • What might block our growth?
  • What actions can we take to help us grow?
  • How might our other values enhance our efforts at growth? Remember I said last Sunday that each of these values comes to life when enmeshed with our other values.
  • What are you personally willing to do, and how are you personally being called to change, in order to nurture the growth of our congregation?

All are invited to participate. Your comments will spark others to think more deeply in this subject. I will also use them in my sermon for Feb 15. Sermon texts for Sunday Feb 15 are Isaiah 2:1-4, John 15:1-11.