A Gospel-Formed Community, Value 4 of 6:
Celebrating our Call to Service

“We are called to service.” It is normative for Anabaptists to see discipleship and Christianity through the lens of service. Our congregation is no different. Sunday, February 8 in our worship service we will focus on Celebrating our Call to Service. Join in with the discussion below to enhance Marty’s sermon, and to enhance our mission in Houston!

  • What shapes an ethic of service in people? What was it for you?
  • What blocks us from being people of service? (busyness, etc…)
  • With such a vast number of places to serve in Houston, and issues to tackle, how do we discern where to serve and what to do?
  • Does a congregation need its own mission/service, or is it better for members to plug in to organizations that touch them?
  • How has service shaped you? What did you learn by doing service?
  • What broken realities in Houston/US/world make you “holy impatient”? How can our community of faith help you address your impatience?
  • How do our other core values (Being Mennonite, worship, relationships, desire to grow, facilities) enhance our service?
  • Do you agree with the 73% of Mennonites who say that “doing both evangelism and social ministry” is what we mean by the work of the gospel? (See Road Signs for the Journey for stats). If so, how does that color what we mean by service? If not, why not?

Please note that MCC Gulf States director John Stoez will be joining us from 9:30-10:30AM during SS for a presentation on the ministry of Mennonite Central Committee.

Also note we will be having a service project Saturday Feb 7 at Casa Juan Diego. See announcements for further details.