A Gospel-Formed Community, Value 2 of 6:
Celebrating our Worship.

This is our second week of test-driving a web-based discussion. All are welcome and encouraged to participate! Feel free to respond in whatever way you want, highlighting any one of the following questions (or all of them). In the comments, feel free to interact as much as you want with this post and with each other! Like last week, I will incorporate your thoughts into our worship January 25. But most of the benefit is in your interaction with each other!

  • Why do we worship anyway?
  • Personally, how do you worship in meaningful ways?
  • What actions make up what you consider “worship”? Can it be different for different people?
  • Where and when does worship happen?
  • What did we mean when we said that worship “shapes” us? How does it shape us? What does it shape us into?
  • How does worship help us discern our mission and guide us in action? Or are they connected?
  • What are the resources available to help us worship in meaningful ways?
  • Our texts for Sunday’s worship service are Psalm 95, Romans 11:33-12:2, and Revelation 5. What are your reflections on the use of Scripture in worship?

 Marty Troyer (Pastor)