December 2008


A Gospel-Formed Community, Value 1 of 6:
Celebrating our Story.

One of our characteristics that HMC has stated we value is that “We are an Anabaptist-Mennonite Church.” We have also stated that we want to strengthen our identity as an Anabaptist-Mennonite church by offering classes and connecting more intentionally with other Mennonite groups. 
  • How does this feel for you today?
  • What does being Mennonite mean to you?
  • What are the resources available to us that can enhance the value of our being Anabaptist/Mennonite?
  • How does identifying ourselves as Mennonite enhance our overall congregational identity?
  • How does it help us reach our vision of “Being Transformed by God to transform the world”? 
  • Several key texts for Mennonites include 1 Corinthians 3:11 and Mark 1:14-20. After reading these, how are these texts speaking to Houston Mennonite today?Grace and Peace and Joy to you all today! Have fun! 




In the comments, feel free to interact as much as you want with this post and with each other! As I said, I want to incorporate your thoughts into our worship January 18. But most of the benefit is in your interaction with each other!
Marty Troyer (Pastor)

Church webpage. Greetings in the new year!

Being geographically spread out and busy, we struggle to connect as much as we’d like. Perhaps an online meeting place will help us to connect more deeply with each other at Houston Mennonite Church. We’ve said about ourselves that we “nurture and challenge” one another; a blog is one way of doing just that!

For a set period, from January 11 through February 22, let’s test drive an on-line Discussion group and see what we think.

In the tab HMC Discussion Blog I’ll post scripture passages, a short entry, and several questions in prep for the next Sunday’s worship theme (Remember, we’ll be in the midst of our series A Gospel-Formed Community: Celebrating the Transformation Journey of Houston Mennonite Church. For more info, click on the “Worship Series” tab.). Then it’s up to you to engage at whatever level you want and have time for. You can post questions, comments, etc… Whatever level you want to participate at is just perfect, we’re only test-driving things here. But a suggested way to interact might be: read and think about the content, answer the questions for yourself, then respond to at least one other person’s post.

Most of the benefit will be the discussion itself. But I’ll also incorporate what I see into that Sunday’s sermon/worship service. How’s all this sound? Like I said, it’s only a test-drive. Let’s give it a try and we’ll go from there. Click HMC Discussion blog to check out the discussion for January 18. Thanks, and enjoy!

Grace and Peace and Joy to you all today!

Marty Troyer (Pastor)